Raw Pumpkin Seeds - The Superfood I Eat Everyday!

For a couple years now raw, organic, unsalted, pumpkin seeds have been a daily part of my life. They are versatile, delicious, vegan friendly, low fat, low calorie, and most importantly a true superfood. The word "superfood" is being thrown around a lot lately, in the case of pumpkin seeds they are a PERFECT superfood! Recent studies are showing that pumpkin seeds are a vital food for that man in your life due to the protective power they have on the prostate gland. I make it a habit to have at least a handful each day as if it is a medicine. There are many health benefits of pumpkin seeds, enough to deserve their own blog post.

Pumpkin seeds are naturally rich in protein, zinc, essential fatty acids, magnesium, iron, and fiber. To boot they contain most of the B vitamins, along with C, D, E, and K! Pumpkin seeds are rich in the amino acids alanin, glycine and glutamic acid.

1/4 Cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds
182 Calories
10 Grams Protein
15 Grams of Fat (essential fats)
13.000 mg Iron
1.000 mg Calcium

- Native American were among the first to notice the health benefits of pumpkin seeds. They referred to them as cucurbita and used them to treat kidney problems and to eliminate parasites from the intestines.
- The high zinc level in pumpkin seeds is good for the prostate. The high zinc level is also good for the bones and protecting against osteoporosis.
- The essential fatty acids in pumpkin seeds can kill parasites and provide many other benefits. Parasites and worms are paralyzed with pumpkin seeds.
- The high protein load can provide an excellent source of protein for vegans and vegetarians.
- The fiber content helps the digestive system
- Pumpkin seeds contain L-tryptophan, which helps keep depression at bay.
- Pumpkin seeds can help lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. The seeds have phytosterols, a compound that not only helps lower cholesterol but helps protect against certain cancers.
- Pumpkin seeds help with urinary health.

- The way to get the most out of pumpkin seeds is to eat them raw and organic
- Sprinkle them on top of a salad or cereal for extra crunch and protein
- Roasted Pumpkin seeds can actually raise cholesterol with the very high bad fat content ...just eat them raw
- You can find them in your bulk aisle at most grocery stores.
- Some mainstream grocery stores have them in their bulk aisle raw BUT made in China and not organic. I stay away from those.
- Pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed year round.
- Pumpkin seed oil is available in capsule and packs a super punch of nutritional value.
- The cost at my organic grocery store is 3.99/lb and that can last me a week,
- Add them to raisins, nuts, and coconut flakes and you have your own trail mix.
- Make it part of your daily life!

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Prostate Health