Not an Urban Legend - Celery is a negative calorie veggie!

          Nope, it is not an urban legend that celery is negative calorie veggie. A stalk of celery is about 6 calories and it takes more than 6 calories to burn that very stalk. I couldn't ask for more than a delicious vegetable that actually works well beyond nutrients and goes into burning calories. Celery also has nutritional values being high in vitamin K and containing active compounds called phthalides and coumarins. These are thought to lower cholesterol and be cancer fighting compounds.
          If you slab almond butter or sunflower butter on the stalk of celery you instantly lose that negative calorie action. I love to put sunflower butter on it and top it off with Zante Currants! The best thing to do is just wash a stalk and eat it!

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  1. I always point to celery when explaining the importance of organic produce. The taste difference is startling. With as much water as celery soaks up (ever stuck celery in a glass of dyed water?), you're going to taste every chemical it was treated with.

    The guy I'm hitched to used to HATE celery...until he tried organic celery. Instant convert.