Serrano peppers Health Benefits

Oh Serranos! This is my favorite hot pepper because of its heat power and ease of use. Serranos look like jalepenos but are half the size. Two years ago I started venturing into the surprisingly healthy world of chile peppers. After I pop a raw serrano I get an instant energy burst and a super dose of vitamin C. Chile peppers are an all season veggie, very easy to find, and very cheap!! Hilary Clinton is now known for her use of hot peppers and her belief that it is what keeps her from the doctor. During the campaign we found out that Hilary Clinton has always been sickness free and does not have a health record 2 pages long. Here is a quote from her with CBS's Katie Couric:

“I eat a lot of hot peppers,’’ she told CBS News anchor Katie Couric, who had asked her how she maintains her stamina on the campaign trail. “I for some reason started doing that in 1992, and I swear by it. I think it keeps my metabolism revved up and keeps me healthy.”

The magic chemical in peppers that is catching scientists' attention is Capsaicin. Capsaicin triggers the brain to kick out a flood of endorphins, those natural pain killers that promote a sense of well being and stimulation. Capsaicin also survives freezing and cooking! This chemical is as powerful as it is hot!
Beyond capsaicin hot peppers contain an impressive amount of vitamin C surpassing citrus fruits. There is some research going on with the premise that capscaicin can kill prostate can cancer cells. This is from Wikepedia and can be found with a google search:

The American Association for Cancer Research reports studies suggesting capsaicin is able to kill prostate cancer cells by causing them to undergo apoptosis.[13][14] The studies were performed on tumors formed by human prostate cancer cell cultures grown in mouse models, and showed tumors treated with capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of the untreated tumors. There have been several clinical studies conducted in Japan and China that showed natural capsaicin directly inhibits the growth of leukemic cells

-Go all out and throw a whole one in your mouth. This sounds crazy but I eventually got used to it. This is especially great to do when you are sick.
-Mince them and throw them in everthing! I put them in pasta sauce, with potatoes, in my own pico de gallo, in black beans, vegetable soup, and many more.
-Hot peppers are thought to cause ulcers. Untrue! Hot peppers do not cause, irritate, cure, or aggravate ulcers. Hot peppers can cause heartburn if you are susceptible to it. I do not get heartburn from peppers. I actually have not had heartburn since eating hot peppers 2 years ago.
-Wash your hands after handling them...especially the seeds! If you touch your face or your eyes after handling them your eyes will close for 20 minutes and pour tears out your eyes!
-When mincing them don't worry about separating the seeds...they are edible too.
-Have water handy if eating them raw.
-The burn will go away after about 5 minutes if you are popping them raw and whole.
-The smaller the pepper the more capsaicin because of the amount of veins.
-Hot peppers keep a long time in the fridge. For me over 2 weeks.
Hilary Clinton article about hot peppers!


  1. Awesome tips! I love throwing peppers in my stir fry. It always brings everything together.

  2. I am mad for peppers myself, so I am so pleased to have found another like myself! I put them in everything except - well, maybe nearly everything LOL Thanks for this. And it's nice to find your blog - thanks for visiting mine! Hugs!!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. It is extremely helpful for me.

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  4. I've been eating serrano chillis for about 15 years and rarely get sick. I'm 51 years old. my cholesterol is good, last Physical I had two years ago I pass with flying colors. Still feeling good and have lost almost 30 LBS, since then. I eat like 3-4 chillis daily and even when people in the office get sick, I don't. don't have any ulcer problems or heartburn. I highly recommend in eating them!