Horses are Vegan Too!

This is a photo of a beautiful, strong, white horse near my house that I visit everyday in the summer and spring and feed various green herbs and plants. I have always loved the majestic nature and sheer power of horses. If you look at a horses teeth they look a lot like human teeth and behave very similarly. How is it possible that this beautiful, strong, lean, powerful animal is so strong when its' diet is plant based? This is often asked about veganism. Are vegans weak? Are horses weak? No and No! People often ask me in bewilderment how I get all of my "protein" or how I stay strong as if there is no possible way that a diet void of meat could possibly keep me alive. Bringing up a horse and their teeth often helps. Elephants are another great example - elephants manage to survive as strong, giant, residents of Africa on a plant based diet. There is just no argument that vegans cannot be strong because of the lack of meat and dairy. I have managed to actually build more muscle tone than I had when I was a meat eating athlete years ago. So, the next time someone argues that vegans are weak quickly refer them to the muscle mass of a Thoroughbred horse. If you are attending the Seattle VegFest at the end of March you will find a booth there of vegan body builders. If you are not in Seattle check out your local vegetarian sources for your vegetarian festival.
Seattle VegFest 2009
Vegan Body Building


  1. What a beautiful horse! Good luck with the weight loss, and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. I'm a longtime vegan. Thank you for your thoughts on this. Horses are vegan and strong, powerful and fast.