Health Benefits of Cabbage - Powerful Vegetable

          Cabbage! This vegetable is often ignored and thought of as boring and smelly! I am here to suggest that this vegetable was meant to be consumed by all humans on every corner of the planet often! It grows in nearly all countries! It is time to give the cabbage family the respect it deserves! If you think I am going to talk about the faddish "cabbage soup diet" you may want to move along. For the last four months I have been including raw cabbage into my daily life. I get a red and green cabbage at the store and throughout the day I will cut some off of the head and simply eat it. Cabbage will keep in your fridge for a good amount of time and always remains crisp. Cabbage is also friendly on your wallet and found in abundance at the market during all seasons.

          I came across a couple of articles that blew my mind about cabbage! Cabbage contains super cancer fighters with the phytochemicals called Indoles. Indoles are what gives cabbage its' funky smell when you cook it. Indoles are great for women and the fight on breast cancer. Indoles can inhibit estrogen and estrogen is being found as a major culprit in breast cancer. I can actually inhibit new cancer growth. Researchers have found that men that eat more cabbage have lower rates of prostate cancer as well.

          Beyond being a cancer fighter cabbage is high in vitamins K, A, and C, and magnesium. Surprisingly cabbage is also a good fiber source and there are even little amounts of Omega-3 Fatty Acids!

          Need I say more? This vegetable must must must be eaten. It is low calorie and may keep you cancer free. Put this veggie in your mouth and eat it!

Cabbage Gets high praise....
Health Benefits of Cabbage

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  1. I love cabbage. It is so tasty and good for you and it is often forgotten.