Inspired by Vegetables

Hello! Wow! Been awhile! I have not been writing as I should for the last couple years but have new inspiration to continue. That new inspiration is the increased awareness of the healing properties of fruits, vegetables, and nuts - PLANTS!

I have been making more of an effort to go raw but that does not always work out as planned. In my food adventures and new found education I have become aware how amazing and healing it can be to drink raw juice. No, not made with a blender . . . a juicer! Everyone one asks about my "fancy blender" but I always reply,"It is a juicer!!" Blenders do not extract the fiber from fruits and vegetables, and the powerful effect of juicing is just that - removing the fiber for optimum digestion.

I have been juicing for one meal a day for over 6 months now but I want to do more juice. I want to go total juice for 30 days. I will gradually build to 100% juice over the next week and a half and then I am going to take the big plunge - raw juice 30 days. I will report and keep you informed!

The picture above is from last weekend. I was traveling to see family and had this wonderful juicer waiting for me - what amazing accommodations. The wonderful elixir that came from this veggie combo was incredible, energizing, and inspiring and leads me to this post!

recipe will energize 2 adults

-organic tomatoes from the vine (4)
-organic medium sized carrots (3)
-organic cilantro (1/3 bunch)
-organic garlic (4 cloves peeled)
-organic serrano pepper (1 and a half)
-organic kale 1/2 bunch
-organic meyer lemons (2)


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