Cold Brew Coffee with Toddy 67% less acid!

Cold Brew Coffee with Toddy - less acid and very delicious!

Toddy Toddy Toddy!  I love you! Being a french press only coffee drinker, the cold brew system by Toddy is a great change.  While in the hot days of August there is nothing better than an iced coffee with less acid.  Yes, cold brewing coffee makes it 67% less acidic - easier on the stomach, the teeth, and digestion.

I used to be a Barista and am very picky about the taste of coffee and espresso, the cold brew process in my opinion is superior to hot brewed coffee and espresso. This cold brew process makes it super condensed, you really only need about a shot glass worth of it in a drink.  It also retains the rich and robust flavor for days.  When your toddy is done brewing, simply put it in the fridge for days of coffee drinks. It is easy but requires some timing - to get the best brew it must sit for 24 hours.

I got mine from Amazon of course and you should get one before all of your friends do!

Instructions are provided with the Toddy but my tips are:

  • use reverse osmosis water
  • let it sit for 24 hours (it says 12-24, but 24 does the trick)
  • keep them going so you don't find yourself without coffee for 24 hours
  • drink it cold or hot
  • it is great over ice with rice milk
  • use coarse ground coffee (otherwise your filter will get clogged)
  • use a non-greasy bean (otherwise your filter will get clogged)

I have noticed whiter teeth, no stomach issues, no jitters, and a good caffeine buzz.

Get one!

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  1. I, too, LOVE my Toddy, and have been using it for years! It makes the richest, smoothest, best-tasting coffee I've ever had. I also think it's awesome that you can reuse the filters for up to three months.