Pineapples - Powerful Digestion Aide Full of Enzymes

Pineapple is one amazing fruit often taken for granted. I had a photo shoot with my pineapple the other night and thought I would share. In the process of turning away from western medicine I find it important to dig deep into the health benefits and scientific evidence of plant based foods put here on earth. Nature did not intend for humans to heal in the form of a pill from a warehouse - everything we need comes from the soil and the ocean. In my research I found out many things about Pineapples that make me love them even more and include them more in my life. This fruit is more than a Vitamin C load!

What stood out the most for me is the enzyme load in pineapples over many plant based foods. . I did a post a few weeks back on the power of raw foods to deliver the enzymes our bodies need to stay alive. Food Enzymes Biggest Cancer Fighter While doing research on enzymes I found out that Papaya and Pineapple are the top two fruits for enzymes due to Bromelain. Bromelain has widely been investigated for its' digestive enzymes. These enzymes particularly target the breakdown of protein which eases digestion. A raw cup of pineapple is full of this goodness! Pineapple enzymes are also good for the blood and are thought to be anti-inflammatory. It is suggested Pineapple enzymes limit the tendency for blood clots and also improve circulation through the arteries.

Research Shows Promise of Pineapple for IBS
WHFoods: Pineapple

-Pineapples are in season May - June
-Let your pineapple ripen before eating
-Select a pineapple that is already turning golden
-1 Cup of pineapple has 94% DV of Vitamin C
-Organic tastes better and is better for you
-Frozen Pineapple still contains the enzymes
-Do not eat it out of a can.
-The health benefits of Pineapple are plentiful!


  1. I LOVE pineapple! The juice in the pineapple settles to the bottom. If you set it upside down for an hour or two before cutting it open, the juice will spread evenly throughout. Making the whole thing sweet and juicy.
    In India parents have their kids eat a whole pineapple to de-worm them. Worms can lead to many health problems, and people might not realize the cause. Many Dr.'s don't recognize the cause and just treat the symptom. The acid in the pineapple is too acidic for the worms, and they vacate willingly. In fact, it's a lot less harsh for the human than the over the counter prescription too.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to just turn your post about pineapple into a graphic worm fest.
    I won't be offended if you delete my comment after reading it.


  2. Re:Lady Stephanie - Thanks for the comment! I did not know that about worms. Pineapple is truly powerful!

  3. Pineapple is so refreshing. Everytime I eat it, it makes me feel like I'm on a sandy beach in Hawaii.

  4. i love fresh pineapple. nice blog here!

  5. Love pineapple. I bought some new face wash this week (alba) that is made from pineapple enzymes.