Sumo Oranges - Unique Treat!

Sumo Oranges! 30 years in the making for this amazing fruit! I had my first Sumo Orange in February of 2012 and looked forward to this season to get my hands on some more. This orange was created in Japan with a California Navel and a Mandarin and magic happened. In Japan it is called Dekopon but got the name "Sumo" when in landed in the United States.

Sumo oranges have a taste that is hard to describe. Imagine the full flavor of a mandarin orange, a perfect blend of sweet and a tiny bit of sour, and the size of a navel orange. Love the way mandarins peel? You will love the peel on this fruit. The appearance of this fruit is also endearing . . . wrinkles and puckers but oh so beautiful and perfect on the inside.

If you see them in the store you must try them! The season is winding down and I cannot wait for next year!


Meatless Ground Beef style Tacos made with Tempeh

Everything about this taco meat is like the real thing - texture, taste, and look. Made with Tempeh, taco spice, and chopped vegetables, this taco meat will fool your most committed meat eater. This is easy to do and delicious. If you are vegan vegetarian you do not have to give up tacos!

Tempeh is a great meat alternative and full of nutrients as well. When I check out at the market with tempeh the checker oftens asks "What do you do with that???". I explain that we make hamburgers, tacos, sloppy joes, and many other things with it. A look of "how?" appears on their face.

Below is the process of turning tempeh into great taco meat. Top with what you like!

Shopping List

1 8oz package Organic Tempeh
1 package Taco Spice
1 onion (sweet or yellow)
serranos or jalepeno peppers (optional)
oil (I prefer grapeseed)


1. Cut Tempeh in half and begin slicing lengthwise in small slices. Next, cut tempeh widthwise. Use hands and crumble further.

2. dice onions and peppers

3. Begin heating pan with 3 Tbs. oil

4. When oil is hot put tempeh and vegetables in the pan and fry. Fry until golden brown

5. Add taco spice and 1/2 cup water and let simmer for 5-10 minutes.