Roasted Vegetables and Olive Oil

On my travels last week, this wonderful rendition of roasted vegetables was prepared for me to cater to my vegan lifestyle! Everyone else had a roast with meat and some of these veggies. I could not resist snapping photos as it was prepared, so beautiful! This is easy to do and a real crowd pleaser, so many different kinds of vegetables. You can add or remove any you like but here is the recipe as seen in the pictures:

-Summer Squash
-Brussell Sprouts
-Red Bell Peppers
-Small Yellow Potatoes
-grape tomatoes

Other Ingredients
-sea salt
-coarse black pepper
-olive oil
Clean veggies, pat dry, cut into medium to large chunks and place in large bowl. Add crushed garlic, tomatoes and all veggies. Stir sea salt, large black pepper, and olive oil to coat veggies. Let sit to marinate flavors. Pour onto cookie sheet, separating the tomatoes until broil time. Save the bowl and re-use to serve to get more flavor. This was roasted on a greased foil covered cookie sheet 400 about 20 min or until desired tenderness. Then add grape tomatoes and broil about 2-3 min. Let cool.


Inspired by Vegetables

Hello! Wow! Been awhile! I have not been writing as I should for the last couple years but have new inspiration to continue. That new inspiration is the increased awareness of the healing properties of fruits, vegetables, and nuts - PLANTS!

I have been making more of an effort to go raw but that does not always work out as planned. In my food adventures and new found education I have become aware how amazing and healing it can be to drink raw juice. No, not made with a blender . . . a juicer! Everyone one asks about my "fancy blender" but I always reply,"It is a juicer!!" Blenders do not extract the fiber from fruits and vegetables, and the powerful effect of juicing is just that - removing the fiber for optimum digestion.

I have been juicing for one meal a day for over 6 months now but I want to do more juice. I want to go total juice for 30 days. I will gradually build to 100% juice over the next week and a half and then I am going to take the big plunge - raw juice 30 days. I will report and keep you informed!

The picture above is from last weekend. I was traveling to see family and had this wonderful juicer waiting for me - what amazing accommodations. The wonderful elixir that came from this veggie combo was incredible, energizing, and inspiring and leads me to this post!

recipe will energize 2 adults

-organic tomatoes from the vine (4)
-organic medium sized carrots (3)
-organic cilantro (1/3 bunch)
-organic garlic (4 cloves peeled)
-organic serrano pepper (1 and a half)
-organic kale 1/2 bunch
-organic meyer lemons (2)