Red Potatoes and Tempeh or Tofu

This is a good weekend dish when you have time to cook. This was originally thought up by my partner. He started with tofu in stead of tempeh - the tempeh is even better than the tofu! The top picture is with tofu and the picture at the bottom of the post is tempeh. Tempeh is one of my favorite ways to get protein and manganese as well as many other nutrients. This dish is a great protein and carb dish great before a day of hiking, biking, shopping, etc. I usually just need a piece of fruit for lunch if I have had this for breakfast. This is also an economical dish and goes a log way. I love to eat with heat so this is a hot dish. This dish is really easy to alter yourself based on your own tastes. The recipe will serve two adults and will satisfy hunger for hours :)

6-8 red potatos
1 package of Tempeh(garden vegetable or multigrain)
1 table spoon crush dried peppers
1 table spoon cayenne pepper
1 table spoon tumeric
sea salt and pepper to flavor
1 cookie sheet med. to lg. size
1 fying pan
grape seed oil or oil of your choice
hot sauce for garnish
half of a sweet onion

Preheat oven to 450 degrees
-cube potatos (the size of suger cubes)and rinse and dry them well
-in a pan with a lid for shaking generously coat potatos with grape seed oil
-pour in cayenne and crushed peppers
-shake it all together to coat potatos
-cube the raw tempeh about the same size as potatos
-put 1/4 inch grape seed oil in frying pan and slowly heat
-dice onion

-put potatos on ungreased cookie sheat and bake for 30-40 minutes depending on how crispy you want them
-put tempeh in frying pan and coat it with the oil
-sprinkle the tumeric and start gently stirring to coat the tempeh with the tumeric
-grind some sea salt and black pepper to taste.
-cook tempeh on low-med heat for 15 minutes turning tempeh every 5 minutes or so.
-add onions and cook for another 5 minutes.
Serve with hot sauce as a side.

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