Cantaloupe - Super Fruit packed with Health Benefits

I eat cantaloupe at least four times a week for vision health, lung health, and a super dose of vitamin A, C, and B6. The cantaloupe originates from the Italian village of Cantalup and was cultivated around 1700 A.D. This powerful fruit was put here on earth for the many natural healing properties it contains. I can only imagine the wonderful surprise when the human first cracked open a cantaloupe and saw the sweet bright orange flesh! I was not aware of all of the health benefits until I researched it. Cantaloupe is a great cancer fighter!
1 Cup = 56 Calories
1 Cup = 112.5% daily value of vitamin C
1 Cup = 103.2% daily value of vitamin A
1 Cup = 15% daily value of vitamin B6

*Cantaloupe is a natural source of fiber, folic acide, niacin, and thiomine.
*Cardiovascular! -Cantaloupe contains adenosine, which is used in patients with heart disease as a blood-thinning agent, and also as a relief from angina.
*Cancer Fighter! - Cantaloupe contains SOD (Superoxide dismutase)and studies have shown that SOD promotes a healthy cellular environment by protecting against oxidative cell death (that is cancer!)
*Diabetes Fighter! - The Superoxide dismutase properties of cantaloupe help diabetes by reducing oxidative stress and kidney cell damage.
*SMOKERS NEED CANTALOUPE! - Because of the high amount of Vitamin A, smokers can benefit from eating cantaloupe. Many studies have been done on the relation of Vitamin A to lung health, smokers that had a rich diet of Vitamin A had a much lower incidence of emphysema. Cantaloupe everyday may save a smokers life. No hating on smokers here - we all have our vices, if not we are NOT human.
*Menstruation problems! For women, eat cantaloupe around the time of menstruation and it will help reduce heavy flow and clots. It has natural blood thinning properties.
*Cataracts! The Beta-Carotene in Cantaloupe provides natural Vitamin A which is vital to eye health and preventing Cataracts.

1.Wash the outside of the cantaloupe well before cooking
2.Once you cut the cantaloupe you start losing nutrients - eat up!
3.Immediately store uneaten cantaloupe in the fridge to conserve nutrients.
4.Cantaloupes are in season June - August


  1. I eat canteloupe almost every day too! I can seriously take down 1/2 of a canteloupe no problem! They are so yummy....I wasn't aware of all of the health benefits you listed. Awesome :)

  2. Great Post! I eat cantaloupes all the time but I don't get the organic ones! As for me being a job-less college student, it's hard for me to get Organic. I wonder if there's a taste difference.

  3. Awww yeah. I haven't had canteloupe in a very long time.

  4. Vegan-ness - I can taste the difference in organic versus non-organic but I am in the same situation and not able to always buy organic.