Raw Garlic at the Onset of a Sore Throat

It is cold and flu season and there are some nasty bugs out there. Three days ago I woke up with a very painful sore throat and knew I was in for it unless I got aggressive. I am a believer in the healing powers of garlic, but that was at the back of my for some silly reason.

I started with a warm tonic of cayenne pepper, honey, and apple cider vinegar to no avail. I drank many cups of green tea and sucked on throat lozenges. By the afternoon of day one it was hard to swallow and I started to feel the weak and warm, I was losing hope. I then went to Earth Clinic, a great website full of natural remedies for everything you can imagine including testimonials from faithful users. There it was! My cure! Raw Garlic! I nearly kicked myself as I have used garlic as a remedy for years - why did I wait! It was 4pm, many hours of a painful sore throat, I cleaned two cloves of garlic and immediately put them in the garlic press. I put the pressed garlic into my mouth and started chewing,sloshing it around, and reluctantly swallowed. Within SECONDS my sore throat had diminished 75%! Not only did my sore throat subside, I had an instant burst of energy and the weakness was gone. Throughout the rest of the night the sore throat waxed and waned, but the weakness and body temperature was gone. Before going to bed I pressed 2 more cloves and ingested them.

Day 2
When I woke up I could feel the sore throat, but it was a 50% change from the morning of Day 1, the weakness was completely gone. Throughout the day I took good care of myself with soups, vitamin C, vitamin D3, green tea, and my cayenne tonic. Over the course of the day I consumed 4 raw cloves of garlic. Around 7pm my sore throat reared its' ugly head and gave me a good scare, I went to bed with hope - mind over matter right?

Day 3
This morning I woke up with glee as my sore throat is only 10% there! I have normal energy levels and feel confidant that I am safely out of the woods.

Garlic was an instant cure for me, I feel that I killed the nasty bugs that were inside of me trying to take over my body and give me a full blown cold. I eat garlic in one form or another several times a week so it was easy for me to eat it raw, this may not be the case for others. Raw garlic will burn but the burn will fade. Throughout all of this raw garlic consumption I did not get heartburn or any kind of stomach aches. Contrary to common assumptions garlic does not CAUSE heartburn, some have had luck with it aiding heartburn.

Garlic has many potent properties and one of those is Allicin - it kills bacteria on site! The pungent smell of garlic is just a hint as to how powerful it is on the human body when taken internally. I did a blog on garlic and its' anti-cancer properties back in March Garlic Consumption a Key to Longevity? , I wish I would have taken my own advice before suffering through a whole day with a sore throat.

I saved hundreds of dollars by avoiding the mainstream doctor mill as well as skirting a nasty round of antibiotics. Yes, I panicked and wanted it to go away, but I always go to the natural cures first. I encourage everyone to visit Earth Clinic, it is a great "go to" website for ideas and testimonials on natural cures.

***I am not a doctor, if your symptoms are worsening visit your doctor.
***too many raw garlic cloves can make some light headed...tread lightly if you are not a usual garlic consumer.
***garlic will burn going down but the burning should subside.
***If a sore throat is severe for more than 3 days you should visit your doctor.
***If you do not have a garlic press you can just chew the cloves or slice the cloves.

Stay Healthy!

***********UPDATE 11/11/09

It is now day 4 from the onset of the super sore throat and when I woke up this morning there was no sore throat. I have no symptoms of a cold. I must add that I took 6000 IU of D3 on day 2 and day 3. I must say that Garlic stopped my sore throat from developing into a nasty cold.


  1. I loved this post! I'm always interested in alternative (cheaper!) cures to ailments :)

  2. I have been consuming garlic for a few years now during cold and flu season and it seems to work. My method is a little different from yours. I cut the garlic into small pieces that I can easily swallow. Then I allow it to sit for 10 minutes so the allicin develops and thenI swallow the garlic like a pill. Sometimes it upsets my stomach so I have it with meals. I normally have two cloves a day and rarely catch a cold.

    I also drink green tea with fresh ginger and vitamin C everyday too. That may also help me to avoid colds. One of the methods is working for me.

    Thanks for the tip of Earth Clinic I am going to check that out now.


  3. That is so interesting. Your posts are so informative! I haven't gotten a sore throat YET this year, but I'll keep this in mind in case I do.

  4. Very nice blog! Love all the info!

  5. ok, i am sick right now, i am goint to go to the store tody and buy raw garlic. i will get back to you tonight or tomorrow about how it worked for me. my cold is in this wonderful "lingering" stage. and while i would just hate to see my new friend go away...i think its time!!grrr

  6. Sorry you have been ill. :( That's not any fun. I'm going to have to try out your tips, next time I get sick.

  7. I love your blog... Im a vegetarian but im looking forward for my vegan transformation soon !!!

  8. Interesting post about Raw Garlic at the Onset of a Sore Throat, in these days sore throat is more common and people have to try to be careful with their health, for example I unfortunately spend much money in buying generic viagra only because I need it and well Im close to be a senior citizen.

  9. bloody hell it work ,got sore throat since friday and by the end of the week (2days) its almost gone , but the smell XD til tuesday XD

  10. I know this is an older post but I just ate a whole clove of raw garlic and I also made a garlic tea.

    My throat feels slightly better already.

  11. Any thoughts on updating us on new remedies for flu and cold; such as using turmeric for sinus relief, ginger combinations or the like? I really enjoyed this post, but seeing that it was so many years ago I wonder how this has evolved for you and if you use the exact methods today or have improved upon those methods.

  12. Wow! You will be surprised with how the food we take for granted can take care of our diseases. Good thing that worked for you. Anyway, you can have your throat checked by a doctor as well, just so you can be sure there aren't any lingering damages or problems rooting in it. Take care!

    Penny Byrd @ NCEENT

  13. I got each and every solution for my chronic sore throat from Web Health Network. They're the best in this field.

  14. I just ate some raw garlic for a bad sore throat that I have. I will let you know how I feel in the morning. I have been hospitalized and put on steroids to help reduce the swelling in my tonsils more than once. I hope this garlic works. I really don't need another trip to the e.r. especially during Christmas time! :(