Simple Tempeh Burgers

I have to admit, as a vegan I miss hamburgers. I do not miss the nasty hamburger patty, I just miss the act of preparing and eating hamburgers. I have experimented with many things to create a good vegan hamburger, but have been disappointed many times. The common meat substitute options made by Boca, Amy's, and others are full of preservatives and things I do not want to eat. Falafel works ok but it does not hold together that well as a patty. The other night we thought we would try tempeh. We use it a lot but have not ventured into patties. It worked! We cut the packaged tempeh below in half and then sliced each half into two slices, ending with 4 patties. We fried it in grapeseed oil and the rest is tempeh burger history. I suggest using the tempeh in the last picture - it cut the easiest into 4 patties.


  1. This sounds lovely! I have tempeh in the refrig but have not yet used it. It would be my first time to try it! So all you did was fry it in grapeseed oil? Any seasonings? Could you DM @singerinkitchen on twitter?

  2. Have you tried the Black Bean Burger recipe from Veganomicon? It has a great texture ...:)